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 Conspiracy Crazy is a website with a compilation of all the conspiracies known to man. Controversial or not, real or not, nice or not. We did not hold back when sifting the massive archive of the worlds conspiracies. Many of the ideas and conspiracies on the site might piss you off or have you saying; "na that Cannot be true" But in reality we really don't know what our controllers are capable of so we didn't hold back nor did we discriminate on any ideas anybody thinks or knows as the truth. Anything from Jfk's or 2pac's assassination to the beliefs about 9/11 being an inside job. Though the site is intended to be an Alexandria library of conspiracies. Our intention is to make people think what if?

The elite have been doing unspeakable monstrosities to our human kind since the dawn of man so keep an open mind when looking through our endless possibilities of some of these monstrosities that the higher ups have done to us little guys. Keep in mind how things like Watergate happen all day long without our knowledge and the perpetrators will go through any lengths to hide or realize their atrocities.

We have done countless discussions and presentations about many subjects many ending with the audience being really defensive and negative but I say it like it is or how I think it is and it's up to you to decide what you think. But try for your own sake to think out of the box that they have created around us in order to deceive and to pull a Vail over our eyes. Many unspeakable atrocities become possible when you separate yourself and look at situations from an outside perspective. Like we said before though, go look at and go through all our conspiracies with an open mind and decide for yourself.


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Secret Ancient knowledge exposed things the illuminati dont want you to see !




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Conspiracy Theories & The Illuminati
Conspiracy Theorist - "A derogatory term used to intimidate critical thinkers!". find out more

Exposing The Illuminati/Freemasonry and all other Secret Societies. Who are working together to establish "The great plan" to make New World Order NWO. Find out more

Above Top Secret is the Internet's largest and most popular web site that covers a broad range of "alternative topics," which include conspiracy theories, political scandals, UFOs, paranormal experiences, and more. Find out more

Illuminati Watcher
I live in America and feel that a lot of people are more concerned with being entertained than being informed or educated. Our media reflects that. I do listen to music, mostly rap and some metal, although I feel as if it is almost manipulative so I also listen to smooth jazz and classical. I focus on the Illuminati, transhumanism, religion, aliens, cults, horror, music, various conspiracy theorists (mostly David Icke) and the occult. More @conspiracycrazy

Conspiracy Syndrome
Activism, Health, Science, Documentaries, Knowledge, Mystery of Consciousness, Mind control, Conspiracies, UFOS, Environment | Find out more

The Conspiracy Archives
Conspiracy Theorist - A derogatory term used to intimidate critical thinkers. It's not a conspiracy theory if we can prove it. This Page is Manage by the Owner of The Conspiracy Archives, not ConspiracyCrazy Find out More @conspiracycrazy

Conspiracy Watch
Posting about conspiracies, corruption, deception and the unexplainable. DISCLAIMER: FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY Find out More @conspiracycrazy

The Paul Walker Conspiracy
A coincidence? Conspiracy or an Illuminati Sacrifice, or maybe just a sick marketing campaign, away to make bigger sales and make it to the Highest-grossing films of all time. Full story

Judge Napolitano: How to get fired from Fox in under 5 mins
Asking questions as Judge Andrew Napolitano did in a recent broadcast on his now cancelled daily show may very well be the reason behind his recent dismissal from Fox. Find out more at

LAX Airport Shooting Conspiracy
The man who opened fire at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday allegedly had documents with him about the conspiracy theory ‘New World Order.’

Electricity,Cure & Disease
6 volts of Electricity at one to two milliamps Kills Germs, viruses parasites and more@

10 American foods that are banned
Americans are slowly waking up to the sad fact that much of the food sold in the US is far inferior to the same foods sold in other nations. In fact, many of the foods you eat are BANNED in other countries.

Female police officer beats suspect to death
A shopper, who sent her footage to CBS13 under the condition of anonymity, filmed the moment the man was held to the ground as a police officer struck him repeatedly with her baton.

Police Department Forced To Borrow Ammo From Local Resident
In the wake of huge shortages of ammunition across the entire nation, police departments are turning to ever more desperate measures to keep their officers armed.

Write For Us
We are always looking for “professional writers” or “citizen journalist”. If you’re an everyday person who is fed up with big government we encourage you to challenge the system with words and ideas.

a war that has reportedly cost more than $1 trillion in the past few decades, with little to show for it beyond millions who have been branded criminals and felons, ushered behind bars and then released into a permanent second-class status?

Do you Believe in Mermaids
The Animal Planet mermaids are presented with a good dose of truth when two scientists are revealed in the show that claim they acquired physical remains of a mermaid that still hasn’t been explained. The scientific theories that are approached are how humans & primates could have similarities to mermaids in the ocean postulating that humans or primates themselves evolved out of the ocean. The theory in the Mermaid Body Found Documentary is called the aquatic ape theory. Find out more here at

The God of Eden
The Gods Of Eden. Attorney William Bramley ... spent seven years trying to understand the root causes of war before finally disclosing his startling conclusions in The Gods of Eden. Read it here at

Jim Marrs Alien Agenda
The Truth Begins Here Award-winning journalist Jim Marrs has uncovered compelling new evidence to suggest that alien life forms have not only visited our planet in the past, but are among us right now. Read the book here at

Meteorite Hits Russia, Injuring over 400 People
According to unconfirmed reports, the meteorite was intercepted by an air defense unit at the Urzhumka settlement near Chelyabinsk. A missile salvo blew the meteorite to pieces at an altitude of 20 kilometers, local newspaper Znak reports quoting a source in the military

The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard
In 2009, the website’s founders were put on trial in Sweden, charged with facilitating illegal downloading of copyrighted material. Find the whole story here at

Christopher Jordan Dorner Conspiracy Part 2
They believe burly, heavily-armed Christopher Dorner is holed-up in the wilderness of California’s snow-capped San Bernardino mountains 80 miles east of Los Angeles. Read the full article click on link.

A fistulated cow is a cow with an intentional hole in it for scientific research. In 1822, a Canadian suffered a wound that refused to heal, but the man otherwise was in fine health. His doctor discovered that the digestive process could be observed directly through the hole. Find out more here at

Christopher Jordan Dorner Conspiracy
Full Manifesto by Christopher I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous murders and have taken drastic and shocking actions in the last couple of days. You are saying to yourself that this is completely out of character of the man you knew who always wore a smile wherever he was seen. Find out more here at

Michael Woodford Whistle Blower

Gatorade to remove flame retardant chemical from its drinks
Ah yes, you can hear Gatorade consumers concerns: “Yum - this fire retardant sure is tasty. Check out for more info.

Conspiracy Library from many book to DVD's and much more only at

Apathy Kills
Welcome to the Apathy Kills blog. When the Corporate Mainstream Media Controls The Question, We Don't Ask Any", thus forfeiting our right to the Truth, endorsing what is done in our name by the Globalist Illuminati New World Order

Mighty Leaf Tea
A FRESH START. renew with Organic Detox infusion A refreshing and rejuvenating well-being infusion of peppermint,licorice,basil and more come find out here at

Operation Northwoods Conspiracy

Professor Griff
Richard Griffin (born August 1, 1960), better known by his Stage name Professor Griff is an American rapper, spoken word artist and Lecturer. He is a member of the hip hop group Public Enemy and head of the Security of the First World. Find out more at

First of all, I must admit that I am one of those “Conspiracy Nuts” who loves to read meaning into the back of the US $1. Find out more what it means at

Sandy Hook Elementary Conspiracy
The scope and senselessness of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting challenged journalists' ability to do much more than lend, or impose, their presence on the scene. Find out more at

Jenni Rivera Conspiracy
The Jenny Rivera Death is a Music industry Ritual Sacrifice, But unlike other music industry murders that are done for internal industry reasons, this rare NWO Sacrifice is coded for the current larger NWO ritual 7 that end's on 12/21/2012

The Founding
This is how was founded. I know is hard to believe, but that is my first story I ever wrote and it took me 4 years to actually get the balls to tell anyone about it. So believe what you want to believe.

The Illuminati Game: Lucifer’s Monopoly
In 1990, role-playing inventor, Steve Jackson, was planning his newest game, which he would ultimately call “Illuminati -New World Order” Game the “Illuminati — New World Order” Game, or “INWO” for short is played with a deck of special cards, money chips (representing millions of dollars in low-nominal unmarked banknotes) and two six-sided dice. There are three types of cards:

Knights of Truth: Cutting the Matrix's False Illusion
Defeating the Tyranny of a new world order, illuminati, and demonic reptilians by bringing Reality to the World with Love

Tila Tequila
I am a freedom fighter, truth seeker, and I'm here to help everyone as best I can. Check out her stories at I have grown up. I am a woman, and now it's MY TURN to expose the truths and pains you have lashed against me. I fear ye not! THE PEOPLE ARE HERE AND THEY ARE BACKING ME EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! SO fuck you! I will expose everything I have witnessed with my own eyes. I AM A WOMAN FOR THE PEOPLE!

Batman Conspiracy
Dark Knight Rises Conspiracy. When I first heard about the shootings I had my thoughts about the possibility of it actually being a lone gunaman on a crazy rampage, See the full story at

ConspiracyCrazy Emporium

World Map
How many people have visited since I added world Map in Nov 2011

Citizens in Britain and portions of the Southwestern U.S. have been complaining about a maddening hum that just won't go away. And researchers have been unable to pinpoint its source. Not everyone can hear the low-pitched hum, and those who do say that it seems artificial in nature - and is driving them crazy. Check out more about these strange sounds here on

James Fetzer
James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940 in Pasadena, California) is an American philosopher, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and a well-known conspiracy theorist. He has written on the philosophy of science and on the theoretical foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.Find out at

Jordan Maxwell - The Priesthood of the Illes
3 amazing books in one. Jordan Maxwell claims this is by far the most interesting expose on the hidden world of words, terms, concepts and believe systems that have been developed over the past 2000 years by the Illuminati to control the human race. See for the first time how the powers behind world government views and manipulates humanity.

Atlantis Alien Visitation And Genetic Manipulation
During the next 10 years, the human race is destined to finally discover the facts about its true origins and destiny. As part of this discovery, we have to address the overwhelmingly important question of how the phenomena of evil came into the world and into the consciousness of Earth’s human inhabitants.

The Irish Origins of Civilization Vol.2
Michael Tsarion -The Irish Origins of Civilization Volume II: Akhenaton, the Cult of Aton & the Dark Side of the Sun (Polemical Investigations into the Extermination of Druidry and the Rise of Judeo-Christianity) Read Ebook at

Solfeggio Frequencies
What Are The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies? These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, along with others that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. I give honor to both of these gentleman for the part they’ve played in helping return these lost frequencies back to humanity.

Conspiracy of Silence
Conspiracy of Silence" is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, "Conspiracy of Silence" reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians Watch it here on and leave a comment

In this library you will find a great selection of books regarding conspiracies, politics & history. Click on the image of the book and a page will open ready for you to read so come and read all the books and enjoy and please share this page so many can read the books at

Occupy Oakland
Huge, enthusiastic, crowds swarmed through downtown Oakland with half a dozen major marches on banks and corporations that shut down Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America and many others. Police stayed clear of the strikers who ranged freely, from Broadway to Grand Avenue and around the Lake. By late afternoon the crowds had swelled to over 10,000. Waves of feeder marches continued to pour into the Oscar Grant Plaza, including 800 children, parents, and teachers who had gathered at the Oakland Main find out more here on

Conspiracy Radio
Conspiracy Radio. Radio clips from your favorite truth speakers listen to hours of nonstop truth all in one only at

G20 Summit Toronto Canada
More than 560 people were arrested across Toronto over the weekend after violence erupted between riot police and masked protesters as leaders of the G20 countries gathered behind the toughest security cordon in the history of the summit find out more at

Occupy Minnesota MN
Hundreds of protestors showed up at Government Plaza near City Hall this morning for the Occupy MN rally, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been growing for weeks in New York. Working to call attention to economic inequality and corporate greed in this country, the rally attracted a protestors young and old, all bound together by a shared belief that corporate influence on the government is a major problem.find out more here on

Occupy New Jersey
Demonstrators are planning to gather Thursday afternoon in front of the Goldman Sachs offices in Jersey City, in the heart of the city's financial district. The area earned the nickname 'Wall Street West' after many global financial firms relocated to Jersey City in the wake of 9/11. The section of the city's downtown has many high rises, and is directly across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan.Find out more here on Live feeds of Event click link

Occupy Los Angeles California LA
As part of a growing national movement in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street effort, a local group has mobilized and will set up a similar protest in Los Angeles' civic center this weekend.find out more here at Live feeds of Event click link

Occupy Wall Street New York
As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies. Find Out more at just click link

Occupy Nevada Las Vegas
What began as a few seemingly disgruntled left over hippies occupying the hallowed spaces of the Wall Street financial district has grown into a movement spreading to hundreds of locales around the country. Major media has finally moved out "ignore mode" and began recognizing that something might be happening here. Find out more here at Live Feeds

Stewart Swerdlow
Stewart Swerdlow is a mentalist, author, lecturer, and claims to have been a participant in covert government operations involving genetics, psychics, and other matters. Among other things, Swerdlow claims the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns. Find out here at

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Conspiracy Crazy Gallery
Here you will see Photo Galleries from all sorts of Pictures so make sure to check them out

Corporate News
No need to hop around websites to get your news, come here to this article and I have all the news sites combine in one place, like Yahoo,Google and more check out your news here at

College Conspiracy
College Conspiracy debunks many myths, including the belief that Americans with college degrees earn $1 million more in lifetime income compared to high school graduates without a college degree. The most important basic fact that most Americans don’t understand about 4-year colleges is that most Americans spend 6 years attending them before graduating Find out more here on

In economics, hyperinflation is inflation that is very high or "out of control". While the real values of the specific economic items generally stay the same in terms of relatively stable foreign currencies, in hyperinflationary conditions the general price level within a specific economy increases rapidly as the functional or internal currency, as opposed to a foreign currency, loses its real value very quickly, normally at an accelerating rate. Definitions used vary from one provided by the International Accounting Standards Board, which describes it as "a cumulative inflation rate over three years approaching 100% (26% per annum compounded for three years in a row)", to Cagan's (1956) "inflation exceeding 50% a month." As a rule of thumb, normal monthly and annual low inflation and deflation are reported per month, while under hyperinflation the general price level could rise by 5 or 10% or even much more every day.find out more here at

Leonard Horowitz
Leonard George Horowitz DMD, MA, MPH (born 20 Jun 1952) is a former dentist, a health industry entrepreneur, and the author of a number of books, pamphlets, DVDs, CDs and articles on public health issues; the books and pamphlets have been published under his own Tetrahedron imprint. Horowitz is an AIDS conspiracy theorist and opposes vaccination find out more here on

Jose Escamilla
Jose Escamilla is a ufologist and general woo-meister, whose claim to fame is the discovery of the mysterious "rods" over New Mexico. He describes himself as a "producer-director" - presumably because nobody else will touch his stuff - says he has been "editing film and video for over 20 years." Thus it raises the question of whether or not he has edited them to support his own nonsense.

Robert Scott Lazar or Bob Lazar (born January 26, 1959, in Coral Gables, Florida, United States, to Albert Lazar and Phyllis Berliner), claims to have worked from 1988 until 1989 as a physicist at an area called S-4 (Sector Four), located near Groom Lake, Nevada, next to Area 51. According to Lazar, S-4 served as a hidden military location for the study and possible reverse engineering of extraterrestrialflying saucers. Lazar says he saw nine different discs there and provides details on their mode of propulsion. His critics have asserted that "Lazar's credibility crumbled" after "schools he was supposed to have attended had no record of him, while others in the scientific community had no memory of ever meeting him. Find out more on

Naomi Wolf
Naomi Wolf (born 12 November 1962) is a US author and political consultant. With the publication of The Beauty Myth, Read the Full Book Here. She became a leading spokesperson of what was later described as the third wave of the feminist movement. She remains an advocate of liberal causes and liberal/progressive politics, with a more recent emphasis on arguing that there has been a deterioration of democratic institutions in the United States find out more at

Most people know that 666 is the number of the beast. Who or what the beast is, or why he should have a number is less certain ground. Not many people will have heard of 888. Surprisingly 888 occurs in the Bible verse immediately following the one containing 666, quoted above. find out more on

Gravity Hills/Spooky Hills
A gravity hill, also known as a magnetic hill (and sometimes a mystery hill or a gravity road), is a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces the optical illusion that a very slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope. Thus, a car left out of gear will appear to be rolling uphill due to gravity.Find Out more at

Attaining a Fifth Dimensional Awareness
Many initiates on the Spiritual Path will embark upon embracing a fifth dimensional state of awareness within this coming year of 2011, and many more in the years that follow. It is within the fifth dimensional state of being that duality and polarity are completely integrated, and the unconscious "dark side" completely embraced, bringing an end to the human genetic patterns of death, destruction, competition, control, and abuse

Bonesetters and the Chaga Mushroom
A bonesetter is a practitioner of joint manipulation. Before the advent of chiropractors, osteopaths and physical therapists, bonesetters were the main providers of this type of treatment in the world. Bonesetters would also reduce joint dislocations and 're-set' bone fractures. Learn how to Fix yourself here by leaning the mysteries of the Bonesetters and the Special antioxidant Chaga Mushroom

Miracle Mineral Supplement with Jim Humble
Miracle Mineral Supplement, often referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, is the colloquial product name for a fraudulent alternative therapy; MMS is an aqueous solution of 28% sodium chlorite, a toxic chemical known to cause fatal renal failure, in distilled water. When prepared with a citric acid solution as described in its instructions for preparation, the mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching. The name was first coined by author, Jim Humble, in his 2006 self-published book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century Learn More on

Jesse Ventura Part 2 Conspiracy Theory
Here is the Second part to Jesse Ventura Article Here is his Complete Season 1&2 of Conspiracy Theory so check them out here at

Alan Watts
Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience

Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that arose from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century. Freemasonry now exists in various forms all over the world, with a membership estimated at around six million, including approximately 150,000 in Scotland and Ireland, over a quarter of a million under the Jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England and just under two million in the United States find out more here on

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro
AP caption reads: “This registration document, made available on Jan. 24, 2007, by the Fransiskus Assisi school in Jakarta, Indonesia, shows the registration of Barack Obama under the name Barry Soetoro into the Catholic school made by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro. The document lists Barry Soetoro as a Indonesian citizen, born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, and shows his Muslim step-father listed the boy’s religion as Islam. This has gone unreported by the media for over a year! find out more at

G. Edward Griffin And The Creature from Jekyll Island
The Creature from Jekyll Island

G. Edwards Griffin's 1994 book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, draws parallels between the Federal Reserve and a bird of prey, as suggested by the Great Seal of the United States on its cover read the books and watch the videos find out who he is here at

There have also been some notable persons to have publicly stated that UFO evidence is being suppressed. These have included Senator Barry Goldwater, Admiral Lord Hill-Norton (former NATO head and chief of the British Defence Staff), Brigadier-General Arthur Exon (former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson AFB), Vice-Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (first CIA director), astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell, former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, and the 1999 French COMETA report by various French generals and aerospace experts.Find out more here on conspiracycrazy

Secret Societies
Secret Societies Secret society is a term used to describe clubs or organisations in which the activities and inner functioning of those societies are concealed from non-members. The society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence. find out more here on

Comet Apophis 2029-2036
Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid that caused a brief period of concern in December 2004 because initial observations indicated a small probability (up to 2.7%) that it would strike the Earth in 2029. Additional observations provided improved predictions that eliminated the possibility of an impact on Earth or the Moon in 2029. However, a possibility remained that during the 2029 close encounter with Earth, Apophis would pass through a gravitational keyhole, a precise region in space no more than about 600 meters across, that would set up a future impact on April 13, 2036. Find Out more at

Jim Marrs
Jim Marrs was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on 5th December 5, 1943 . His father, a strict Baptist, sold structural steel for a company in St. Louis. Marrs began working as a journalist while at junior high school. After graduating from University of North Texas in 1966 he attended Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock Find Out more here on

John Taylor Gatto How Public Education Cripples Our Kids
John Taylor Gatto (born December 15, 1935) is an American retired school teacher of 29 years and 8 months experience in the classroom and author of several books on education. He is an activist critical of compulsory schooling and of what he characterizes as the hegemonic nature of discourse on education and the education professions Find Out more here on

Mind Control
Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others .to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated" Learn More on just click link for details

Fluoride Poison In our Water
Fluoride compounds which are put in water (fluoridation), toothpaste and supplement tablets (including some vitamins) were never tested for safety before approval. Recent independent research by scientists not associated with dental trade organizations has shown the following: Find Out more here on

Humicin Tablets 100% natural
You now have the power to take charge of your health and vitality with Humicin.Humicin tablets are a 100% natural product designed to deliver the most positive health effects of any Humic acid supplement The big pharmaceutical companies may not want you to know this Find out more at

Conspiracy Crazy Downloads
Get many downloads on E books, videos,Files and more here at

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory
James George Janos (born July 15, 1951), best known as Jesse "The Body" Ventura, is an American politician, former governor of Minnesota, retired professional wrestler and color commentator, Navy UDT veteran, actor, and former radio and television talk show host. As a professional wrestler, he is best known for his tenure in the World Wrestling Federation as a wrestler and color commentator. In 2004, he was inducted into the company's Hall of Fame. Find Out More Here On

The truth about vaccinations
Should parents have their children vaccinated? Decades of research show that vaccines are extremely safe and an inevitable weapon for fighting disease, so the answer should be a clear yes. But many parents remain confused. Much of the blame lies in reports about the safety of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. A vocal group of families and their allies are prolonging uncertainty by continuing to insist that thimerosal, a preservative in vaccines that contains ethyl-mercury, has caused their children autism. California has banned ethyl-mercury in childhood vaccines since 2004. Find out more at

The Eye of Horus
The Eye of Horus personified in the goddess Wadjet also written as Wedjat,Uadjet, Wedjoyet, Edjo or Uto and as The Eye of Ra or "Udjat" is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power. The name Wadjet is derived from 'wadj' meaning 'green' hence 'the green one' and was known to the Greeks and Romans as 'uraeus' from the Egyptian 'iaret' meaning 'risen one' from the image of a cobra rising up in protection.Find out more at

Agenda 21
Agenda 21 is a program run by the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development and was the planet's first summit to discuss global warming related issues. It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans directly affect the environment. find out more at

George Carlin
George Denis Patrick Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008) was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, actor, and author, who won five Grammy Awards for his comedy albums.Carlin was noted for his black humor as well as his thoughts on politics, the English language, psychology, religion, and various taboo subjects. Find Out More On

Aaron Russo
Aaron Russo (February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007) was an American entertainment businessman, filmmaker, libertarian political activist, and a 9/11 truth activist. Find Out More at

Chemtrails Murder By the Skies
The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. Versions of the chemtrail conspiracy theory circulating on the internet and radio talk shows theorize that the activity is directed by government officials. As a result, federal agencies have received thousands of complaints from people who have demanded an explanation. The existence of chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by government agencies and scientists around the world. Find out more here on

Phil Schneider
Philip Schneider was an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases around the United States , and to be one of only three people to survive an incident that occurred in 1979 between Grey aliens and U.S. military forces at the Dulce underground base .Find out more Here on

The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and surface vessels allegedly disappeared mysteriously. Popular culture has attributed these disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings. Documented evidence indicates that a significant percentage of the incidents were inaccurately reported or embellished by later authors, and numerous official agencies have stated that the number and nature of disappearances in the region is similar to that in any other area of ocean. Find out more here on

Bob Dean
Robert Orel Dean (born 1929), also known as Bob Dean, is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, who became notable in UFOlogy circles after he claimed to have viewed "Cosmic Top Secret" documents detailing alien activity on Earth. He now lectures in ufology around the world and has been described as 'an elder statesman of the UFO community' Watch all his movies here on

Alex Jones
Alexander Emerick Jones (born February 11, 1974) is an American talk radio host and filmmaker. His syndicated news/talk show The Alex Jones Show, based in Austin, Texas, airs via the Genesis Communication Network over 60 AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations across the United States and on the Internet. His websites include and Watch All His Movies Here on

John Todd
John Wayne Todd (c. 1950[ – November 10, 2007), also known as "John Todd Collins", "Lance Collins",[3] and "Christopher Kollyns",[4] was a speaker, occultist, and conspiracy theorist who claimed to have been born into a 'witchcraft family' before converting to Christianity (in 1972, by some accounts). He was a primary source for many Chick Publications works against Dungeons & Dragons, Catholicism, Neopaganism, and Christian rock. Although most of his activity was during the 1970s, his claims continue to be spread in some fundamentalist Christian circles.Find out more here on

The Sumerians
The Sumerians developed one of the earliest civilizations on earth (3500-1750 B.C.), but the existence of such a people and civilization was not even suspected until the middle of the 19th century. People had long known about the Babylonians, since the ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, and Greeks had all come into contact with them and written about them.Find out more here on

The Sovereign Freeman/Strawman/Man
The United States is a corporation. All governments are corporations and by virtue of your social security number you are an employee of that corporation. By signing your social security form, you gave the corporations permission to act upon you in the way that they do. Find out more here on

The Real Stargate
The Real Stargate is it Fact or Fiction: A Stargate is a portal device within the Stargate fictional universe that allows practical, rapid travel between two distant locations. The devices first appear in the 1994 Roland Emmerich film Stargate, and thereafter in the television series Stargate SG-1 and its spin-offs. In these productions the Stargate functions as a plot generator, allowing the main characters to visit alien planets without the need for spaceships or any other fictional technology. only at

Rappers Against The ILLUMINATI
The best known rappers fighting the illuminati and the new world order. Truth rappers watch there music videos right here on conspiracycrazy

The Zapatistas
We are the zapatistas of the EZLN, although we are also called "neo-zapatistas." Now, we, the zapatistas of the EZLN, rose up in arms in January of 1994 because we saw how widespread had become the evil wrought by the powerful who only humiliated us, stole from us, imprisoned us and killed us, and no one was saying anything or doing anything. That is why we said "Ya Basta!," that no longer were we going to allow them to make us inferior or to treat us worse than animals. And then we also said we wanted democracy, liberty and justice for all Mexicans although we were concentrated on the Indian peoples. Read More here on

David Vaughan Icke
David Vaughan Icke (pronounced /a?k/; born April 29, 1952) is an English writer, public speaker, and former media personality best known for his views on what he calls "who and what is really controlling the world". Describing himself as the most controversial speaker and author in the world, he has written 16 books explaining his position, dubbed "New Age conspiracism", and has attracted a substantial following across the political spectrum. His 533-page The Biggest Secret (1999) has been called the conspiracy theorist's Rosetta Stone. Watch All the videos and read all you can here at

Human Clones
Clones have already been here for years, first 2 clones where eve & adam I found eve's story from cbs. I remember reading it in 2002 her story one of the first clone that's why I knew how to find her story, and share it with some of you that dind't know. I could not find adam's story, but did find a book of him you can purchase. Some of this stuff im reading now is bogus, there saying other people just recent was the first clone, don't belive that, cloning has been here for a very long time so check out some stuff here only at

The Devil's Hand Signs
The "El Diablo" hand sign often is con-fused with the deaf hand signal of the phrase, "I love you." While at first this appears an odd resemblance, we register an "ahh, I get it!" emotion when we discover that the person who invented, or created, the hand sign system for the deaf, Helen Keller, was herself an occultist and Theosophist. Did Keller purposely design the deaf's "I love you" sign to be such a remarkable imitation of the classic sign of Satan? Was Keller saying, basically, "I love you, Devil?" Find out here at

Federal Reserve Conspiracies
Of all the conspiracy theories that may come up in American political discourse, there is one that requires nothing that is supernatural, or even particularly out of the ordinary. The players may only be vaguely familiar: Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, Warburgs - and the Federal Reserve (whose part tonight will be played by Ben Bernanke, a PhD economist with education from Harvard and M.I.T.) Find Out More only at

Texe Marrs
Texe Marrs was assistant professor of aerospace studies, teaching American Defense Policy, strategic weapons systems, and related subjects at the University of Texas at Austin from 1977 to 1982. He has also taught international affairs, political science, and psychology for two other universities. A graduate Summa Cum Laude from Park University, Kansas City, Missouri, he earned his Master’s degree at North Carolina State University.Check out all his Videos here at

Dr. Stanley Monteith
Dr Stanley Monteith he has spent over 47 years researching the movement by the global elite to remove our national sovereignty and enslave the planet. Also a good Video Must Watch about the truth about fluoride it kill you slowly, All here at

The Bible Is it all True
The Bible refers to the sacred scriptures of Judaism and Christianity, usually compiled in a single volume. The Hebrew Bible of Judaism contains 39 books. The Christian Bible adds to the Hebrew Bible 27 New Testament books, and particularly in the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, some additional Old Testament books, giving a total of between 66 and 77 books.find out more at

Vampires Do they Exist
Vampires Fact Or fiction find out if there just a conspiracy here on conspiracycrazy where we got the craziest conspiracies

Anthony J HIlder
Hilder is the Producer of 21 Video Documentaries and is now working on two Feature Films concerning the Illuminati's Evilarchy.Check Him Out Here at

Michael Tsarion
Michael Tsarion was born in Northern Ireland and is a researcher of the occult. He is an author and public speaker whose topics include symbolism, sidereal astrology and Atlantis. Watch All The videos Here on

Smart Dust is a hypothetical wireless network of tiny microelectromechanical sensors (MEMS), robots, or devices that can detect (for example) light, temperature, or vibration. IS THIS ALL IT CAN DETECT,CAN IT DETECT WHAT YOUR THINKING ? Check it out here at conspiracy

The Anunnaki
The Anunnaki are a group of Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian deities. The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4-ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning something to the effect of 'those of royal blood' or 'princely offspring'. Their relation to the group of gods known as the Igigi is unclear - at times the names are used synonymously but in the Atra-hasis flood myth they have to work for the Anunnaki, rebelling after 40 days and replaced by the creation of humans.find out more on

Jordan Maxwell
Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and speaker in the fields of secret societies, occult philosophies, and ufology since 1959. His work is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore.find out here at

The Zeitgeist Movement
The Zeitgeist Movement Watch all the videos 1,2,3 Zeitgeist: the Movie is a 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph examining possible historical and modern conspiracies surrounding Christianity, the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the Federal Reserve bank

THE DOOMSDAY SEED VAULT was finish in 2008 to keep storage of all the seeds and the world and was paid by big governments around the world and very wealthy people like Rockefeller and Bill Gates so over 100 billion spend just for seeds ? is it a conspiracy ? only at

2012 Mayan Calender
Will the world end in 2012? No, it won't. Will there be a major cataclysm in DEC 21 2012? Quite possibly. why 2012? The Solstice on December 21, 2012 ~ precisely at 11:11 AM Universal Time ~ marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar. find out more at

Dr Royal Raymond Rife Conspiracy
The Royal Rife Conspiracy on how the invented a machine that kills cancer cells wiout harming your body Check out his whole Story here on

Milton William "Bill" Cooper
Milton William "Bill" Cooper (May 6, 1943 - November 5, 2001) was an American writer, shortwave broadcaster, conspiracy theorist, and the head of the largest civilian intelligence gathering operation ever created find out more here at

The Things They Feed Us Kills Our Psychic Powers
Mind power is our conscious mind, the way we think. The mind is similar to a constantly flowing spring however a natural spring cannot send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening, nor yield both salt water and fresh Find OUT HERE ON CONSPIRACYCRAZY.COM

Mysteries Of The Pineal Gland?
The Mysteries OF the Pineal Gland Find Out what The Elites Of The Universe Don't Want You To Know Here At

A man named Phil Schneider claimed during the last year of construction that the underground airport system was being connected to a deep underground base. The base is at least 8 levels deep, with a 4.5 square mile underground city and an 88.5 square mile base underneath the airport. Alex Christopher, Author of Pandora's Box and Pandora's Box II - an expose of the British instigation through Washington D.C. over the last 200 years - adds, "It is very unusual that they would allot a 50 square-mile area on the surface at which to locate an airport in the middle of nowhere unless they really planned to use it for something very unusual later. There is a 10-mile, 4-line highway out to this airport, and there is nothing out there in between the airport and Denver. Not even a service station, at least in September 1995."find out more at

Was Eazy-E Killed by Illuminati How did Eazy-E die??

In conspiracy theory, the term "New World Order" or "NWO" refers to the emergence of a bureaucratic collectivist one-world government The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a powerful and secretive elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through a totalitarian world government, which would replace sovereign nation-states and put an end to international power struggles.Find out more on

Unexplained Mysteries
The Top Ten Unexplained Mysteries of the World Check them out here on

The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal
Pot is NOT harmful to the human body or mind. Marijuana does NOT pose a threat to the general public. Marijuana is very much a danger to the oil companies, alcohol, tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations. Various big businesses, with plenty of dollars and influence, have suppressed the truth from the people.find out here on

Most Americans suspect that their government is withholding or suppressing UFO-related evidence. Some civilians suggest that they have been abducted and/or body parts have been taken from them. The contention that there is a widespread cover-up of UFO information isn't limited to the general public or UFO research community. For example, a 1971 survey of Industrial Research/Development magazine found that 76% felt the government wasn't revealing all it knew about UFOs, 54% thought UFOs definitely or probably existed, and 32% thought they came from outer space. find out more here on

Abraham Lincoln Assassination Conspiracies..Lincoln and J.F.K Coincidences
Abraham Lincoln Assassination Conspiracies..Lincoln and J.F.K Coincidences Find Out About Abraham Lincoln here at

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know…
Most people can’t resist getting the details on the latest conspiracy theories, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. At the same time, many people quickly denounce any conspiracy theory as untrue … and sometimes as unpatriotic or just plain ridiculous. Lets not forget all of the thousands of conspiracies out of Wall Street like Bernie Madoff and many others to commit fraud and extortion, among many crimes of conspiracy.

Area 51.. Conspiracies That Surround Area 51..
Area 51 is situated in the southwestern portion of Lincoln County in southern Nevada in the western United States. A large military airfield is situated at its center.find out more at

Jimi Hendrix...How Did Hendrix Die?? Who Killed Him

Illuminati Killed Michael Jackson ?
The Truth On How Michael Jackson How he Really Die?? Who REALLY Killed Him... Theories to the at conspiracycrazy,com

ILLUMINATI..Who Are The Illuminati?? What Do They Do
Who are the Illuminati? They are, in essence, a cartel of international bankers and industrialists based in Western Europe and North America. The names of certain families persist over long periods of time. Some of the most important names are Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Lazard, Warburg, Schroder and Schiff. find out more here on

Who Really Killed John F. Kennedy
Over the last decade, a lot of individuals have speculated on conspiracy theories that would make the typical American cringe in disgust. The thought of Americans accusing the homeland of involvement in September 11th, for example, boils the blood of many Americans and especially the super patriots that have spawned as a result of Republican nationalism in the 21st century. It wasn’t long after November 22, 1963 - the 9/11 before 9/11 - that conspiracy theorists started explaining away "what really happened on Dealey Plaza" and they were certain they knew find out more at

Who Killed Tupac Did The Illuminati Kill Tupac? Is Tupac Still Alive?
Find Out The Truth On Who Killed Tupac Shakur.. Was It The Illuminati. Or Suge. Or is Tupac Still Alive

Elvis Presley King Of Rock-N-Roll Dead Or Alive?
Elvis Presley "The King Of Rock-N-Roll" died on August the 16th 1977 at his home in Graceland Memphis. His body was found by his girlfriend, Ginger Alden In the upstairs bathroom. Ginger summoned Joe Esposito & Al Strada and Dr. Nichopoulos. All efforts to revive The King were futile.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Agency overview Formed April 1, 1979 Employees 6,651 (2008 Budget) Annual budget $5.8 billion find out more here at conspiracycrazy


9/11 conspiracy theories allege that the September 11 attacks in 2001 were either intentionally allowed to happen or were a false flag operation orchestrated by an organization with elements inside the United States government. A poll taken in 2006 by Scripps Howard and Ohio University showed that, "More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East." The most prominent theory is that the collapse of the World Trade Center and 7 World Trade Center were the result of a controlled demolition rather than structural weakening due to fire. Another prominent belief is that the Pentagon was hit by a missile launched by elements from inside the U.S. government or that a commercial airliner was allowed to do so via an effective standdown of the American military. Motives cited by conspiracy theorists include justifying the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, geostratigic interests in the Mideast including pipeline plans launched in the early 1990s by Unocal and other oil companies.

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Kick'em While They're Down!
Anyone who has experienced unemployment knows that finding a job when you are out of work is not an easy task The job market has changed in recent years from one that valued great general experience and accomplishments to one that values high degrees of very specific training

Precious Metals Investment and the Rise of False Contrarian Gurus
The typical technical analysis based stock-slinging newsletter is written by a contrarian who denies market manipulation and often ridicules those who attempt to discuss it seriously and rationally.

"Low-carbon economy" is not a conspiracy theory usher in development opportunities in China - a low carbon economy - the electronics industr
As climate change as one of the most important global topic, transition to a low carbon world economy, the trend becoming increasingly apparent. Low-carbon economy as the new development model, not only to achieve the strategic choice of the global emission reduction targets, but also to ensure sustained and healthy economic growth in the recipe. For the development of big countries like China, the huge investment and low-carbon-related industries, to become the new engine driving the economy, it paid close attention to China's low carbon business opportunities.

The Jfk murder, what is the truth?
On their behalf individuals involved with their endless report on suspects, in addition to their unremitting enigmas of Camelot are pointless. And ghoulish. Others not seriously interested in the matter have found tasteless, inappropriate humor in this homicide. But what can you do? Elsewhere the tendency by many amateur sleuths has been to take a defensive posture in protecting their precious "solutions" to this murder mystery, no matter how silly many of their theories most certainly are. As though the truth in this crime is less important than saving face for the expounders of conspiracy. That "facts" were simply a matter of one's own opinion. Many of these people's claims of camarillas are so far out there that at times it's difficult n ...

Understanding Negative SEO
One of the first points site owners blame for their faltering rankings is negative SEO activities. No matter if it’s real or not, it’s a conspiracy theory that’s easier to understand than finding out why your site is losing its level of popularity. It’s like negative ad campaigning amongst political candidates. With the losing candidate, it’s simpler to stomach that somebody is ruining their electoral campaign instead of actually losing the political election.

Education: The Conspiracy Question Persists
Summary: The case for conspiracy is simple: the public schools couldn't have become so dysfunctional by accident When bad things keep happening, maybe somebody likes it that way

Confidential HIV Test ' AIDS Myths Busted
If you've ever been in the situation where you've needed to take a confidential HIV test you're likely to be concerned with how you may have caught the virus and where your strain originated from Scientists have been trying to work out where the virus originated from since it was discovered in the 1980s, but even now that the exact origin of AIDS and HIV is clear, there are still some ridiculous rumours and conspiracy theories about where AIDS came from

Area 51
Area 51 is the nickname given to a US

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